The objective of the degree is to introduce the students to the overall socio-political, economic, historical and cultural background of South Asia and prepare them for further specialized courses and research during Semester-II.


Course Outline

Part - I

Semester-I (Core Courses)

CC1.     Research Methodology in Social Sciences
CC2.     Political Development and Social Change in South Asia
CC3.     Conflict and Conflict resolution: South Asian Model
CC4.     Governance and Democracy in South Asia

Semester-II (Optional Courses – Any Two)

OC.1     Community Development : South Asian Experience
OC.2     Human Resource Development and Politics in South Asia
OC.3     Role of SAARC in Contemporary Scenario
OC.4     Ethnicity and Federalism in South Asia
OC.5     South Asia in World Environment: Cold War and Post-Cold War Scenario.


Part -II

  • Thesis



Merit = 05
Reserve = 00
Total = 05



4 Years


Teaching System



Session Begin



Admission Criteria


M.Phil in International Relations, Political Science, Defence and Strategic Studies, Diplomacy and Strategic Studies (DSS), History, Pakistan Studies, South Asian Studies, Sociology and Social Work.

And Clause 24 (b), Admission regulations 2012, page (7).

Admission criteria:

The admission shall be on merit, based on criteria determined by the HEC/ University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Merit Formula:

As per University/H.E.C Rules.


Credit Hour / Years

Total=72 Credit Hours
Course Work= 18 Credit Hours
Thesis/ Research Work= 54 Credit Hours



Semester I = 23,825
Semester II = 20,475
Semester III = 18,550
Semester IV = 18,375
Semester V = 18,550
Semester VI = 32,975
Semester VII = 18,550
Semester VIII = 32,975