Centre for South Asian Studies Ph.D Scholars Thesis

"Performace of SAARC as a Regional Organization in Comparison with ASEAN and ECO"Abdul Majid

"Pak U.S. Relations: A Study of Geo-Political and Strategic Location of Pakistan: 1990-2004"Imrana Mushtaq

"Hindu Fundamentalism: Its Impact on Politics of India 1992-2008)"Maliha Shamim

"Pakistan-US Coalition in the War against Terrorism: Implications for South Asia"Farhat Nasreen

"Urbanization in Pakistan Impact of Population Growth 1972-2007" Rubina Kaukab

"Socio-Political Status of Muslims in India 1980 – 2006"Malik Nisar Ahmed

"Strategic Management in South Asian Libraries: With Special Reference to Pakistan"Humera Mah Jabeen

"Water Management Issues of Pakistan"Ejaz Ahmad Sayal

"Indo-Israel Relations and South Asian Security" Implications for Pakistan"Tauqir Ahmad Khan

"Utility of Information Technology in University Libraries of Pakistan"Muhammad Sajid

"Trach Two Diplomacy: Conflict Management between Pakistan & India (1996-2010)"Naseem Sehrai

"Economic Impact of Climate Change on Agricultre Sector"Uzma Hanif

"Social Status and Political Participation of Christian Minority in Pakistan"Akhlaq Hussain Shamsi

"Globalization, Changing Work Organization and Labour Relations: A Case Study of Pakistan"Muhammad Javed Iqbal

"Poverty Alleviation through Democracy in South Asia: A Case Study of Pakistan"Saadat Faruq

"Afghan-US Relations and Its Impact on Pakistan (2001-2008)"Naheed S. Goraya

"Baloch Nationalism and It’s Impact on Political and Economic Development of Balochistan (2001-2014)"Javeria jahangir


"Religious Thought and National Integration in Pakistan"Muhammad Nadeem Shah

"Pakistan's Geo-Economics Interests in Central Asia Future Prospect and Implications"Naheeda Khatoon

"US Policy in Indian Ocean: Implications for Pakistan (1990-2014)"Khushboo Ejaz

"Impact of Student-Teacher Relationship On Academic Integrity In Pakistan Universities"Muhammad Shahid Soraya

"Long Term Management of Pakistan-China Strategic Partnership: Impact on Regional and Internationa Security (1950-2011)"Syed Shahbaz Hussain

"US War on Terror: Impact on Religious Exremism in Pakistan (2001-2011) "Nighat Noreen

"Political Socialization in Pakisan: A Study of Madrassa Education System"Jafar Riaz Kataria

"Afganistan - India Geopolitical Interests: Implications for Pakistan (2004-2014)"Asifa Jahangir 

"China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Impact on Indo-Pak Relations"Umar Farooq

"Status and Role of Religious Minorities in Pakistan: A case study of Cristians in Punjab (1947-2013)"Ammara Tabassum

"Geo-Strategic Significane of Pakistan - China Relation; Challenges for India in South Asia: 1692-2019"Ameena Nasim