Centre for South Asian Studies Ph.D Scholars Thesis

"Government and Politics in India during Nehru Era 1947-1964: A Critical Analysis" Ali Imran

"Global Climate Change: A Threat Multiplier to Pak-Afghan Relations" Aftab Alam

"Analysis of the Resurgence of Freedom Struggle in Indian Held Kashmir (1990-2019)" Shehnaz Akhtar

"Pakistan-China Socio-Political Relations (1962-2017): A Historical Analysis" Muhammad Waqad Naeem

"China's Foreign Policy Towards Pakistan (2012-2020)" Roquyya Khatoon

"Social Implications of Female Substance Users in Pakistan  (A Case Study of Punjab Province)"Maria Ali

"Urbanization in Pakistan and Challenges to Social Development" Muhammad Waqas Gondal

"Religion And Politics In South Asia: A Comprehensive Study of Islamization In Pakistan (1947-2008)" Zubaida Zafar

"China’s Foreign Policy towards South Asia from 2001-2019: Critical Analysis" Muhammad Ikram

"Relationship between Institutional Quality, Trade Openness, and Economic Growth in South Asian Economies: An Econometric Analysis" Hafiz Muhammad Qasim

"Decentralization and Social Development: A Comparitive Study of Pakistan and Bangaladesh" Shoukat Ali

"The Communal Riots in India and Role of Indian Political Parties (1984-2008)" Ayesha Ashfaq

"Pakistan’s Image Dilemma: Soft Power Implications (2001-2018)Ahsan Abbas

 "Performace of SAARC as a Regional Organization in Comparison with ASEAN and ECO"Abdul Majid

"Pak U.S. Relations: A Study of Geo-Political and Strategic Location of Pakistan: 1990-2004"Imrana Mushtaq

"Hindu Fundamentalism: Its Impact on Politics of India 1992-2008)"Maliha Shamim

"Pakistan-US Coalition in the War against Terrorism: Implications for South Asia"Farhat Nasreen

"Urbanization in Pakistan Impact of Population Growth 1972-2007" Rubina Kaukab

"Socio-Political Status of Muslims in India 1980 – 2006"Malik Nisar Ahmed

"Strategic Management in South Asian Libraries: With Special Reference to Pakistan"Humera Mah Jabeen

"Water Management Issues of Pakistan"Ejaz Ahmad Sayal

"Indo-Israel Relations and South Asian Security" Implications for Pakistan"Tauqir Ahmad Khan

"Utility of Information Technology in University Libraries of Pakistan"Muhammad Sajid

"Trach Two Diplomacy: Conflict Management between Pakistan & India (1996-2010)"Naseem Sehrai

"Economic Impact of Climate Change on Agricultre Sector"Uzma Hanif

"Social Status and Political Participation of Christian Minority in Pakistan"Akhlaq Hussain Shamsi

"Globalization, Changing Work Organization and Labour Relations: A Case Study of Pakistan"Muhammad Javed Iqbal

"Poverty Alleviation through Democracy in South Asia: A Case Study of Pakistan"Saadat Faruq

"Afghan-US Relations and Its Impact on Pakistan (2001-2008)"Naheed S. Goraya

"Baloch Nationalism and It’s Impact on Political and Economic Development of Balochistan (2001-2014)"Javeria jahangir

 "Religious Thought and National Integration in Pakistan"Muhammad Nadeem Shah

"Pakistan's Geo-Economics Interests in Central Asia Future Prospect and Implications"Naheeda Khatoon

"US Policy in Indian Ocean: Implications for Pakistan (1990-2014)"Khushboo Ejaz

"Impact of Student-Teacher Relationship On Academic Integrity In Pakistan Universities"Muhammad Shahid Soraya

"Long Term Management of Pakistan-China Strategic Partnership: Impact on Regional and Internationa Security (1950-2011)"Syed Shahbaz Hussain

"US War on Terror: Impact on Religious Exremism in Pakistan (2001-2011) "Nighat Noreen

"Political Socialization in Pakisan: A Study of Madrassa Education System"Jafar Riaz Kataria

"Afganistan - India Geopolitical Interests: Implications for Pakistan (2004-2014)"Asifa Jahangir 

"China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Impact on Indo-Pak Relations"Umar Farooq

"Status and Role of Religious Minorities in Pakistan: A case study of Cristians in Punjab (1947-2013)"Ammara Tabassum

"Geo-Strategic Significane of Pakistan - China Relation; Challenges for India in South Asia: 1692-2019"Ameena Nasim