Seminars/ Lectures/ Conferences/ Webinars/ Delegations/ Workshops Attended During the Year 2002 –to till date.


Sr. No. Topic Speaker Date
1-      “Political Economy of South Asia at Cross Road.” Mr. Kahlid Mahmood Rasool, Political Economist, 16-03-23
2-      “Securitization of Kashmir Issue.” Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Pervez, Chairperson, Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Management and Technology, Lahore 01-03-23
3-      “Pakistan – Bangladesh Relations.” Prof. Dr. Khawaja Alqama, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Minhaj University, Lahore 31-01-23
4-      “Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Challenges.” Mr. Javid Hussain, Former Ambassador of Pakistan 03-11-22
5-      “Unfinished Legacy of Dr. Ambedkar & Plight of Oppressed in South Asia” Mr. Shamshad Ahmad Khan, Former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan 13-10-22
6-      “75th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan and National Resolve” Prof. Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi, Department of Political Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore 30-08-22
7-      Bok launching ceremony of “Pakistan - India Peace Prospect” Mr. Ross Masud, Former Legal Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan 30-05-22
8-      “Women's Rights Focusing on ‘The Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Amendment) Act, 2022”

Mohr Legal Expert, Ministry of Human Rights,

Mr. Adeel Akbar (Assistant Director, Ministry of Human Rights)

Mr. Shehzad Ahmad Khan (Director, International Cooperation, Ministry of Human Rights)

9-      “Balochistan – Hostile and Competing Interests of Neighbours/ Region; Battlefield of Proxies” Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore 12-05-22
10-  “India – Saffronization of Indian Institutions Under Hindutva Ideology” Brig. (R) Nadir Mir, Chairman, Pakistan National Reform Movement (PNRM) 15-03-22
11-  “Kashmir Solidarity Day” Mr. Abdullah Malik, Legal Advisor, University of the Punjab, Lahore 07-02-22
12-  “India the Fake Union and Enforced Empire” Brig. (R) Nadir Mir, Chairman, Pakistan National Reform Movement (PNRM) 27-01-22
13-  “India-Pakistan Relations” Mr. Ross Masud, Former Legal Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan 13-01-22
14-  “CPEC, and the Geo-Strategic Impact of Gilgit-Baltistan: Challenges and Prospects ” Dr. Mir Waheed Akhlaq, Assistant Professor, International Relations, Khokrakram University, Gilgit-Baltistan 10-01-22
15-  “Role of Human Right Education in protection of Human Rights, Humanity and Culture”

Sabestian Frances Shaw      (Arch Bishop of Lahore Cathedral from Christian Community)

Prof. Ashok Kumar Khatri(Head of Department, Institute of Language and Linguistics, University of the Punjab)

Dr. Ariya Indras Patras        (Educationist, Christian Social Activist Lahore,from Christian Community)

Mahinder Pall Singh              (MPA, parliamentary secretary for Human Rights. from Sikh Community)

Abdullah Malik                      (Human Rights Activist, President ,Civil Society Network, Pakistan)

Amaranth Randhwa              (President ,Adhi Dharam Punjab,from Hindu Community) 

Jacqueline Tressler                (Chairperson, Minority Advisory Council , Punjab Government )

16-  “National Security of Pakistan” A delegation from National Security Division (NSD), Islamabad 23-11-21
17-  “Afghanistan’s Current Situation and Future Prospects ” Dr. Mina Ehsan Leghari , Member, Executive Council for the Creation of South Punjab Province 26-08-21
18-  “Pakistan Needs Inclusive Institutions to Ensure Effective Governance Sustainable, Socio- Economic and Cultural Development” Dr. Azhar Hassan Nadeem, Former Inspector General (IG) Punjab Police and Senior Fellow, Lahore School of Economics 12-07-21
19-  “Responsive and Defensive Driving” Ms. Sameera Ilyas, DSP/CPO and Ahmad Haider Zaidi, Inspector/ SPO, Unit Sector M-3, Road Safety Awareness Unit, National Highways and Motorway Police 01-06-21
20-  Webinar on Prospects of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) between Pakistan and India Dr. Asam Shakir Khawaja, HOD, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, National Defence University ,Islamabad 31-05-21
21-  Webinar on “CPEC: Regional Dynamics” Dr. Qamar Fatima, Chairperson, Department Political Science, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore 28-05-21
22-  Mou with India Study Centre at the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISC), Islamabad.

Dr. Saif ur Rehman Malik

Director, Institute of Strategic Studies (ISC), Islamabad.

23-  A Workshop on “Research Methodology”.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood

Dean Faculty of Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

24-  A webinar on “History of Emotions of Partition of Punjab: An Illustrative Journey”.

Dr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia, Director, Religions for Peace, USA

Dr. Mazhar Abbas,


Department of History,

Government College,


25-  A Seminar on “Drug Abuse Prevention”.

Ms.Maria Ali

Project Officer, Anti Narcotics Force, Punjab.

26-  A seminar on “Indian State Sponsored Terrorism and Implications for Political Stability in Pakistan”. Dr. Khushboo Ejaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore 20-11-20

A webinar on “Indian Atrocities in IOK: Its Possible Implications and way forward”.

“Political and Social overview of Hindutva in India”.

Dr. Tehmina Aslam Ranjha, Assistant Professor, School of Integrated Social Sciences, University of Lahore & Research Fellow, Uol Centre for Security Strategy and Policy Research

Mr. Ammad Malik, Department of Political Science, Forman Christian College, Lahore


28-  organized a webinar on “ Religious Persecution of Minorities in India & Implications of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) ”. Dr. Asma Shakir Khawaja, Head of Department, Strategic Studies, National Defence University, Islamabad and       Dr. Salma Malik, D.D.S. Department, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad 03-10-20
29-  A Lecture on “Pakistan Military’s Ability to Deter Aggression and Maintain Vital Strategic Balance in the Region”. Brig. (R) Imran Malik


30-  A Seminar on “Global Immigration Issues and Challenges”. Dr. Steven Gravich, Associate Professor, Lock Haven University, Pennsylvania, USA


31-  A Seminar on “Kashmir Today, Options for India and Pakistan”. Brig. (R) Imran Malik


32-  A Seminar on “An Interactive Session on the Fall of Dhaka”. Former Ambassador Ashraf Qureshi 19-12-19
33-  An International Conference on “Dr. B.R. Ambedkar: Socio-Political Empowerment of Minorities and Constitutional Rights”. Mr. Muhammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab(Chief Guest), Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor, P.U. Lahore, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Pro Vice-Chancellor, P.U. Lahore, Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid, Director, Centre for South Asian Studies, P.U. Lahore and Mr. Syed Shaheen Hassan, Director, Ambedkar Society for South Asia 12-12-19
34-  A Discussion on “CPEC, China Pakistan Relations and Regional Politics”. A Chinese Delegation Visit the CSAS and discussion with Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid, Director, Centre for South Asian Studies, P.U. Lahore, faculty members and Students of Ph.D and M.Phil 11-12-19
35-  A Seminar on “Kashmir: Right to Self Determination”. Mr. Ross Masud, Former Legal Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan. 28-11-19
36-  A Workshop on “Research Methodology”. Dr. Khalid Mehmood, Chairman, Department of Library & Information Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 04-11-19
37-  A Seminar on “Indian Supremacy over Sub-continent? Kashmir Lock Down”.

Mr. Hassan Iqbal,

Information Commissioner, Punjab.

38-  A One day Seminar on “Kashmir and Pakistan”. Brig. (R) Nadir Mir, Chairman, Pakistan National Reform Movement (PNRM) 26-09-19
39-  A One day Seminar on “Current Situation in Jammu & Kashmir”. Justice (R) Faqir Muhammad Khokhar, Judge, Supreme Court, Islamabad. 19-09-19
40-  Signing Ceremony “Mou with Pakistan Navy War College.

Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid, Director, CSAS &

Commodore Syed Wajeeh ul Hassan  

41-  A one day Seminar on “Current Crisis in Kashmir”. Former Ambassador Murad Ali 29-08-19
42-  A One National Conference “Kashmir Dispute” in Collaboration with Pakistan Study Centre, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Mr. Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami, Renowned Journalist

Prof. Dr. Adnan Sarwar Khan,

Dept. of International Relations, NUML, Islamabad.

43-  A Lecture on “ Future Directions of Pak-Iran Relations”. Ambassador Iqbal Ahmad Khan. 26-04-19
44-  A Seminar on “ Time Management in Academic Research”.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahsan,

Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), England.

45-  A Seminar on “Current Trends of Democracy in the World”. Prof. Dr. Staffan I. Lindberg, Director, V-Dem Institute, Department of Political Science, University of Gothenberg, Sweden. 13-03-19
46-  A Seminar on “ Fundamental Human Rights and Violations Thereof in Indian Held Kashmir”. Justice (R) Sharif Hussain Bukhari , Currently Working on Kashmir Movement. 26-02-19
47-  A Seminar on “Indo-Pakistan peace and Kashmir”. Mr. Ross Masud, Former Legal Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan. 31-01-19
48-  A Seminar on “Fellowship of 1947 Partition Archive”.

Brig. (R) Khalid Amin

Partition Witness & member,

The 1947 Partition Archive Foundation.


A two days PSIRC 2nd International Conference “Democracy, Governance and Security: Perspectives from South Asia”.

Mr. Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri,

Former Foreign Minister, Govt. of Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Hassan Askari Rizvi,

Professor of Emeritus & Former Chief Minister, Punjab.

Mr. Shamshad Ahmad Khan,

Former Foreign Secretary, Govt. of Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid,

Director, Centre for South Asian Studies, Univeristy of the Punjab, Lahore.

09 &10-01-19
50-  A Lecture on “Benefits of Opening Kartarpur Corridor for Sikh Community of South Asia”.

Prof.Dr.AkhtarSandhu, Department of History, University of   Education, Lahore

Dr. Kalyan Singh Kalyan, Assistant Professor, GCU, Lahore.

51-  A International Seminar on “Ambedkar Vision of Dalit Empowerment Through Education”.

Ijaz Alam Augustine,

Minister of Human Rights & Minorities Affairs, Punjab

Sir Ganga Ram Heritage Foundation, Lahore.


52-  A Workshop on “Research Methodology”. Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Chairman, Department of Library & Information Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 03-12-18
53-  A Mehfile- Melad-un-Nabi (SAW) All the Faculty members and Students of CSAS 30-11-18
54-  A Lecture on “Global Geopolitical Shifts and Pakistan”. Former Ambassador Javid Husain, President, Lahore Council for World Affairs. 28-11-18
55-  Signing Ceremony “Mou with Lahore Centre for Peace Research”.

Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid,

Director, CSAS. PU. Lahore &

Prof. Dr. Mujahid Ali Mansoori

Executive Director, LCPR

56-  A Seminar on “Kashmir Issue and Violations of Human Rights”. Justice (R) Faqir Muhammad Khokhar 25-10-18
57-  A Seminar on “Child Bombers: From Innocence to Violence”. Dr. Sohail Habib Tajik, DIG, Sheikhupura. 22-10-18
58-  A Inauguration Ceremony of “Indian Study Desk”. Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 16-10-18
59-  A Workshop on “Child Marriage and its Impact on South Asian Society”. Ms. Irum Fatima, Programme Coordinator, Bedari. 08-10-18
60-  A Seminar on “6th September: A Tribute to Martyrs on Defence Day”. Brig. (R) Nadir Mir, Chairman, Pakistan National Reform Movement (PNRM0 06-09-18
61-  A Seminar on “Significance of Internal Harmony for National Independence”. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akram Ch., Justice Faqir Muhammad Khokar, S.M. Zafar, Altaf Hasan Qureshi and Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid…..   Pakistan Institute of National Affairs, (Paina). 15-08-18
62-  A Round Table Discussion “Pakistan: A Way Forward”. Dr. Marium Kamal, Assistant Professor, Centre for South Asian Studies, P.U. Lahore. 09-08-18
63-  A Seminar on “Independence Day”. Prof. Dr. Rafiq Ahmed, Former Vice-Chancellor, P.U. Lahore and Vice-Chairman, Nazria Pakistan Trust, Lahore.


64-  A Seminar on “Significance of Voting: Election 2018”. Fahad Shahbaz, Anchor Person, Dunya Media Group, Lahore. 18-07-18
65-  A Seminar on “Election Politics 2018: Issues and Challenges”. Sulman Abid, Political Analyst and Columnist 12-07-18
66-  A National Seminar on “Requirement of Fair Independent Election”. Justice Faqir Muhammad Khokar, S.M. Zafar, Altaf Hasan Qureshi and Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid…..    Pakistan Institute of National Affairs, (Paina). 02-07-18
67-  A Seminar on “State Terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir”. Former Ambassador, Javid Husain, President, Lahore Council for World Affairs, Pakistan. 28-06-18
68-  A Seminar on “ The Geo Strategic Dimensions and Post 9/11 Afghanistan.”

Brig. (R) Ishaq Ahmed,

Director, Intelligence and International Security Studies with South Asian Strategic Stability Institute, a think tank, Islamabad.

69-  A Inauguration Ceremony of Book title   “Jang-e-September ki Yadian by Altaf Hassan Qureshi” Lieutenant. General (R) Abdul Qadir Baloch, Wazir-e-Safran, Government of Pakistan 10-05-18
70-  A Seminar on “Nuclear Regulatory Framework and Oversight Process in Pakistan.”

Dr. Mohammad Anwar Habib,

Former Chairman, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


A training workshop on “SPSS”

Dr. Qaisar Khalid Mahmood,

Currently Serving, Department of Sociology, International Islamic University, Islamabad

72-  A Seminar On “Kashmir: Current Situation and Pakistan’s Policy Options”.

Dr. Nazir Hussain

Chairman, SPIR, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

73-  A session on “Women and Youth Participation in Electoral Process”. Iram Fatima, Officer Incharge Bedari, Lahore 23-04-18
74-  A Seminar on “ A Reflection on Indian Atrocities in Occupied Kashmir”. Ms. Mushaal Hossein Mullick w/o Yasin Malik


75-  A Seminar on “Pakistan Maritime Affairs: Prospects & Challenges”. Commodore S.M. Shahzad


76-  “Drug Abuse Prevention in Educational Institutions” Ms. Maria Ali 02-03-18
77-  A Seminar on “Indian and Pakistan As Successor States of British India”. Ross Masud 14-03-18
78-  A launching ceremony of one year Post Graduate Diploma in “ Indian Studies Khurshi Mahmud Kasuri 12-03-18
79-  A Lecture on “Terrorism: A Conceptual Quagmire”. Dr. Dayab Ali 06-03-18
80-  A Seminar on “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) & Significance of Gwadar Port”. Brig. (R) Nadir Mir 01-03-18
81-  International Seminar on “Ambedkar’s Mission of Annihilation of Caste and Present Situation”. (Sir Ganga Ram Heritage Foundation, Lahore.)


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar , Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid and Syed Shaheen Hassan.

82-  A Two Days International Conference on “Changing Regional Political Dynamics in South Asia”.

Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, Governor/ Chancellor,

Govt. of Punjab,

Chief Guest

83-  Ceremony “Inaugural Ceremony of Renovation & Up-gradation of Library & Computer Lab and Celebration of Recognition of New Research Journal of Indian Studies”. Prof. Dr.Zafar Mueen Nasar 05-12-17
84-  Debate “Model CCI : Debating Federalism” Hanns Sedial Foundation Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi



85-  Seminar on “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”. Dr. Zubair Iqbal Ghouri 22-11-17
86-  Seminar on “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”. Xiaoqing Xie 21-11-17
87-  Lecture on “Pakistan vs Developing Market Peers: Hits and Misses”.

Mr. Sourajit Aiyar

88-  A Seminar on “Raising Voice Against Corruption is a Moral Duty Binding on All”.

Nirmal Hassani,

Major (Retd.) Ghulam Rasool and Dr. Abdul Majid

89-  International Seminar of Dr. Ambedkar Day on “Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Role of Empower Women”.

Dr. Muhammad Akram Ch.

Syed Shaheen Hassan

90-  A Book Launching Ceremony on “Pakistan and a world in Disorder- a Grand Strategy for the Twent-First Century”. Ambassador Javid Hussian 10-05-17
91-  A workshop on “Social Research Methodology”. Dr. Jan Peter Hartung 26-04-17
92-  A lecture on “China and International Relations with its Neighbours”. Mr. Salimane Zeghidour/Ahmad Ali Naqvi 18-04-17
93-  Book Launching Ceremony on “Security Concerns in South Asia”. By Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid (ed.) Prof. Dr. Zafar Mueen Nasar 17-04-17
94-  Research Methodology Training Workshop on “Research Design and Academic Writing”. Mr. Aftab Nasir 13-04-17
95-  A Seminar on “23rd March Pakistan Day”. Brig. Nadir Mir 22-03-17
96-  A discussion on “ CPEC and Pakistan China Relations”.

Chinese Delegation visit

97-  A Seminar on “ Pakistan-India Relations and their impact on Asian Countries”. Mr. Shah Ghulam Qadir 28-02-17
98-  A Seminar on “Pakistan-India Relations: Challenges and the Way Forward”. Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni, Dr. Zaffar Mueen Nasar 15-02-17
99-  A Seminar on “Empowering Youth Through Radio”. Nazakat Shakeela, Absar Abdul Ali 13-02-17
100-                      A workshop on “Study in France”. Mr. Sebastein Cartier 02-02-17
101-                      A discussion on “China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)”. Prof. WU Yongnain 20-01-17
102-                      A Seminar on “Research Methodology As Part of Research Synopsis”. Prof. Dr. Kanwal Ameen 05-01-17
103-                      A lecture on “ Lost Heritage The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan”. Mr. Amardeep Singh 03-01-17
104-                      Economic Strategic and Environmental Consequences of New Silk Road. Mr. Jean Francois DI Meglio 19-12-16
105-                      International Seminar on “Ambedkar’s Philosophy: path to Social Justice in South Asia”. (Sir Ganga Ram Heritage Foundation, Lahore.) Muhammad Siddiq-ul-Farooq 15-12-16
106-                      A Seminar on“ Recent Wave of Indian Repression in Kashmir” Sardar Masood Khan 18-11-16
107-                      Pakistan Afghanistan Relations and Stability in South Asia. Dr. Marvin G. Weinbaum 08-11-16
108-                      Cultural Background of Political Conflicts in South Asia. Prof. Dr. Pitor Balcerowicz 01-11-16
109-                      Exposing and Enlightening the threats and Implications of Militant Extremism: Taking the Youth Community on Board in Countering Terrorism.(Lecture-HEC)

Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid

Dr.Mir Waheed Akhlaq

Mr. Abdul Jabar Awan




Indian Atrocities in Kashmir: Regional and Global Implications.

( A Two days National Conference)

Ms. Mushaal Mullick

Dr. Farzana Nazir Mir

Dr. Hassan Askari Rizvi

Papers Presented=29



111-                      “Force and Intervention and Global Governance”. Dr. Richard Falk 01-09-16
112-                      “How to do Literature Review?” Dr. Mumtaz Ali Anwar 19-05-16
113-                      A delegation visit in csas topic on “Pakistan-India Relations” Indoor discussion. Chinese Ambassadors


114-                      “Psychological Impact of Terrorism: Role of literature in Peace Building in South Asia”, (Focus on Contribution made by Faiz Ahmed Faiz) Dr. Ali Madeeh Hashmi 14-04-16
115-                      Emerging trends in population science and its importance; A case study of Pakistan. Kazi Afaq Hossain 13-04-16
116-                      Urgency to Preserve Narrative of the 1947 Partition Witnesses across the Globe. Dr. Guneeta Singh Bhalla 14-03-16
117-                      Politics in South Punjab Dr. Mina Leghari 04-02-16
118-                      Open Doors in Pakistan Mr. Jean-Luc Racine 02-02-16
119-                      A Delegation visit Persian Ambassadors 26-01-16
120-                      Importance of Leadership Prof. Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi 25-01-16
121-                      Qualitative Research Method; An Overview Dr. Shafiqur Rehman 21-01-16
122-                      Constitutional Status of Gilgit Baltistan, A Way Forward. Mr. Mir Akhlaq Hussain 14-01-16
123-                      In Remembrance of East Pakistan Debacle & Incident of Army Public School, Peshawar.

Major (R) Zulfiqar Ali Chauhan

Dr.Abdul Majid


Challenges of Peace Building in South Asia.

(A National Conference).

Mr. Khurshid Mehmud Kasuri

Mr.Mansoor A. Kundi

Papers Presented=23

125-                      Strategic Leadership: A key to Success. Anil Kumar Shastri 23-11-15
126-                      Delegation Visit. Sri Lankan & Japanian Ambassadors 21-11-15
127-                      Peace Building and Conflict Management Measures: A Comparative Study between Pakistan & Sri lanka. Ms.Ammara Farooq Malik 10-11-15
128-                      South Asian Chair Academic Research Mr. Piotr Baleviouz 15-10-15
129-                      Iran and Middle East. Dr. Clenent 24-06-15
130-                      The Complexity of Yemen Crisis. FormerAmbassador Mazhar Qayyum 16-04-15
131-                      Middle East Crisis and Pakistan. Brig. (R) Nadir Mir 15-04-15
132-                      Right to information Act 2013 Mukhtar Ahmad Ali 26-03-15
133-                      Future Prospects of Pakistan- India Relations. Mr. Aziz Ahmad Chaudhry 18-03-15
134-                      Kashmir solidarity day Porf. Dr. Rasheed Ahmad Khan 04-02-15
135-                      South Asia & the World. A Book launching Ceremony 28-01-15
136-                      Pakistan and the international scenario: key challenges. Mowhid Hussain Shah 09-12-14
137-                      “Negotiating Ethnicity: Experiences of South Asian Americans”. Dr. Bandana Purkayastha 24-11-14
138-                      “Social Policy Model & Social Quality with Reference to China”. Dr. Fang Wei, Yi Pan, Lin Ka, Pamella A. abbot & Zhan 21-11-14
139-                      Academic Research Programme.

Dr.Muhammad Ahsan

Academic Research Consultant, U.K.

140-                      One day training workshop on Human Rights. Ministry of Law, justice and Human rights and strengthening participatory organization (SPO) 12-11-14
141-                      Disarmament & Non- Proliferation Regimes: Successes and Failures. Mr. Shaukat Umer 30-04-14
142-                      Pakistan’s Relations with Major Powers- Russia, China & the United States. Mian Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri. 18-04-14
143-                      World Shipping Challenges & Opportunities.

Comodor Obaid- ullah.

Comodor Naveed Ahmad.

144-                      Complexity of Pakistan – India Relations. Mr.Javaid Hussain. 02-04-14
145-                      Visit of Senate Committee. Delegation 31-03-14
146-                      Post -2013 General Elections in Pakistan: Challenges and Options.

Dr. Hassan Askari Rizvi.

Mr. Shamshad Ahmad Khan.

147-                      Sino-India Relations: Implications for Pakistan. Mr. Xiao Jainming. 07-02-14
148-                      Geo-Politics of Pakistan. Brigadier (R) Nadir Mir. 16-01-14
149-                      Post -2014 Afghanistan. Mr. Ahmed Rashid. 29-11-13

Profiles of South Asian Studies.

(Book Launching)

Mr. Mowahid Hussain Shah.

Brig. Farooq Hameed Khan.

151-                      Muslim World Relations with China and West.

Mr. Ole- E Moesby.

Mr. S Uen Bermester.

152-                      Dr. Ambedikar Day 8th International Seminar “Social Discrimination Poison for Democracy”.

Prof. Pamjeet Singh Judge.

Prof. Rajiv Lochan.

Ms. Manjula Pradeep Hotilal.

Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran.


Pakistan Fights Extremism & Terrorism

(Book Launching)

Mr. Saleem Safi.

Mr. Sohail Warraich.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Durrani.

154-                      Dynamics of Pakistan Politics             (Pol.Con. Conference )

Dr. Hassan Askari Rizvi.

Dr. Anwar H. Sayyed.

Mr. Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali.

155-                      Techniques of Application of Theory/ Theories in Ph.D Thesis

Dr. Muhammad Ahsan.


156-                      Kashmir “ Dastan – i - Jidojehad”.

Mr. Shamshad Ahmad Khan

Barrister Sultan Mehmood.

Mr. Muhammad Yaseen Malik.

157-                      Peace Building in South Asia: Limitations and Perspective (Book Launching)

Prof. Dr. Hassan Askari.

Lt. Gen. (R) Naseer Akhtar & Mr. Shamshad Ahmad.

158-                      Information Network Village & Regional Development. Prof. Dr. Jin Wan Seo. 29-01-13
159-                      Research Methodology (APA) Reference Style.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Mehmood.


160-                      Dismemberment of Pakistan 16th December,1971.

Mian Mahboob Ahmad.

Lt. Gen. Nasser Akhtar.

161-                      Human Rights in 21st Century.

Mr.Abid Hassan Manto.

Mr. Ali Sultan.

162-                      Realizing Options, Outlets and Opportunities for a Post- 2014 Afghanistan.

Dr. Najam Abbas.


163-                      Human Rights in South Asia with Special Reference to Pakistan.

Mr. Muhammad Yousaf.


164-                      Pakistan’s National Security Issues.

General (R) Ehsan ul Haq.


165-                      Drug Abuse Prevention & Role of Youth

Ms. Maria Ali.


166-                      Power Dynamics in the Indian Ocean. Mr. Naveed Ahmad Comdor. 28-03-12
167-                      Pakistan’s Internal & External Security : Challenges & Options.

Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran,

Vice- Chancellor, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

168-                      Crises of Muslim Ummah and its Resolution

Mr. Aneeq Ahmad,

Dunya, News, Lahore.

169-                      Importance of Islam & Existence of Pakistan. Mr. Orea Maqbool 05-01-12
170-                      Maritime: Overview of Pakistan. Mr. Naveed Ahmad Cdr. 01-12-11
171-                      Pak – US Relations: Key Challenges. Mr. Mowhid Hussain Shah 09-06-11
172-                      Media Delegation from Nepal: Talk About Pakistan and Nepal Relations. Preside Chairperson 20-05-11
173-                      Kashmir Issues & Its Prospective Solution. Mr. Mujeeb – ur – Rehman Shami, Chief Editor, Daily Pakistan. 04-02-11
174-                      Regional Economic Cooperation in South Asia.

Mr. Shamshad Ahmad Khan,

Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Govt. of Pakistan.

175-                      East Pakistan Debacle & Our Contemporary Responsibilities.

Brig. (R) Hamid Saeed Akhtar,

Mr. Syed Mahmud H. Jaffri,

Mr. Farrukh Sohail Govindi.

176-                      East Pakistan Debacle & Our Contemporary Responsibilities.

Prof. Dr. Khawaja Muhammad Zakariya,

Dr. Mussarat Jabeen

177-                      Human Rights Situation in India.

Dr. Malik Amanullah,

Assistant Professor in Department of Law, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

178-                      Super Power’s Interests in Central Asia.

Prof. Dr. Azmat Hayat Khan,

Vice- Chancellor, University of Peshawar.

179-                      Economic Crisis in Pakistan.

Dr. Suleman Ahmad,

Chairman, Department of Economics, COMSASTS Institute, Lahore.

180-                      National Identity and Nation Building.

Prof. Dr. Saleem Ahmad,

Professor Emiratis in History,

Islamabad University,


181-                      NFC Award – A Step towards Fiscal Federation in Pakistan.

Dr. Gulfraz Ahmad,

Former Federal Secretary

182-                      Pak – Afghan Relations in India Perspective.

Javed Hussian,

Former Ambassador

183-                      Muslim Reformist Political thought in Central Asia: Parallel with South Asia.

Prof. Dr. Sarfraz Khan,

Director, Area Study Centre,

(Russia, China & Central Asia).

184-                      South Asian Federation or Union & Future of Nation in South Asia & Global Political Trends in Post 9/11 Era. Prof. Dr. Hans Frey & Prof. Dr. Muhammad Islam, Area Study of Africa North & South America, Quaid- i-Azam University, Islamabad. 24-02-10
185-                      Issues of Governance in Pakistan. Mr. A. Z. K. Sherdil, Ex- Chief Secretary, Baluchistan & Punjab. 18-02-10
186-                      Pak – India Relations in the Changing Scenario.

Mr. Mushahid Hussian Syed,

Former Senator & Chairman,

Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate.

187-                      Intellectual Brain Drainage & Its Implications for Pakistan.

Mr. Javaid Iqbal Wattoo,

Solicitor of Supreme Court of England & Wales.

188-                      Issues in South Asian Analysis of American Texts: Deciphering Mexican Inquisition.

Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Qambar,

Director, Area Study Centre for North & South America, Quaid - i – Azam University, Islamabad.

189-                      Urdu, Hindi, Hindustani.

Prof. Dr. Khawaja Muhammad Zakaria, Director, Literary History of the Muslims of the Indo – Pak Subcontinent,

University of the Punjab, Lahore.

190-                      Future Prospects of Pakistan – Afghanistan Relations.

Javid Hussain,

Former Ambassador, Govt. of Pakistan.

191-                      International Conflict Management Strategic in Water Stressed Regions – A Case Study of Baluchistan (Post 9/11).

Dr. Mussarat Jabeen,

Associate Professor,

Department of International Relations, University of Baluchistan.

4th , 6th& 7th February, 2008
192-                      Research Methodology, with Collaboration of Higher Education Commission.

Prof. Dr. Aslam,

Chairman, University of Jamshoro, Sindh.

20 to 21 January, 2008
193-                      International Conference “ Gandara at the Cross Roads of Civilization – Art and Architecture”, Department of Architecture.

Dr. G. G. Jamal, Federal Minister for Culture

Lt. Gen. (R) Arshad Mahmood,

Vice – Chancellor, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Dr. Farzand Masih,

Chairman, Archaeology,

University of the Punjab,





194-                      “ Bibliography” A Case of Intendisicplainarity among Psychology Medicine education sociology and information management.

Dr. Mumtaz A. Anwar.

Professor, Kuwait University

195-                      Developing A Research Proposal. Dr. Mumtaz Anwar. 30-10-06
196-                      Kashmir Issue & Composite Dialogue.

Mr. Hamid Nasir Chatta

Mr.Mushahid Hussain &

Mr. Shamshad Ahmad.


Role of SAARC and Pak – Nepal Relations.

Dr. Shastra Dutta Pant

Prof. Nirmal Man Tuladhar

Dr. Shreedhar Gautam &

Khagendra P. Bhattaria.

198-                      Available Solutions & Proposals for Resolving the Kashmir Dispute.

Prof. Dr. Karamat Azim

Dr. S. M. Naqvi &

Prof. Dr. M. H. Bokhari.

199-                      Nuclear Non- Proliferation: What next after the NPT Review. Mr. Klaus Becher. 22-07-05
200-                      Globalization and Regionalism with Special Reference to Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Rafiq Ahmad. 05-05-04
201-                      The Iraq War and Its Implications for the Muslim World & Israel.

Syed Mushahid Hussain &

Mujeeb – ur- Rehman.

202-                      Gender Discrimination in Pakistan & Its Implications for Women. Qazi Afaq Hussain.



Middle East Crises Covering the Following:

i- Global Situation and Pakistan.

ii- Iraq Crises.

iii- Operation Iraq’s Freedom.

iv- Iraq’s Crisis in Retrospect.

v- Iraqi War & Its Aftermath.

vi- Media War on Iraq.

vii- Pakistan and Iraq Crisis.

Prof. Dr. Rafiq Ahmad.

Lt. Gen. (R) Rahat Latif.

Maj. General Habib Arshad Qureshi.

Brig. (R) Hamid Saeed Akhtar.

Brig. (R) Zafar Iqbal Choudhry.

Dr. Mughess –ud- Din.

Mr. Ata – ul- Haq Qasmi.


204-                      A Talk on Kargil Conflict. Munir-ud-Din Chugtai 01-12-03
205-                      Threats to the Security Scenario of Pakistan. Maj. Gen. Safdar Hussian 21-01-03
206-                      Pakistan’s Current Economic Scenario. Prof.Dr. Rafiq Ahmad 02-12-02