Director Message

Director Message

Welcome to the Centre for South Asian Studies, (CSAS) University of the Punjab, Lahore. CSAS is one of the prominent Centers of strong performance and high ambition in research, as it has continued to make excellent progress towards its goals. The focus of study here is existing diseplines of academic purcuts, practical application and individual research. The CSAS as a matter of policy keeps on reviewing its syllabi continuously. This is done with an aim to update our students with contemporary issues and news. We believe in quality education. For the purpose of sharing of knowledge, organizing national and international seminars and conferences, have been our routine academic activities. We have planned to hold such seminars and conferences for the coming years. I wish you best of luck for your study plans...

Centre for South Asian Studies

If you have any special information, please feel free to call us. (042) 99231143 or email us: info.csas@pu.edu.pk